"Can we do Sandplay Therapy to our society?" 

Is it possible to heal injuries of society by collectively playing Sandplay Therapy which is originally carried out on a one-to-one basis, and by considering the old story as a deep psychology of society? This is the idea of this project.

The old story "Katago" is an unusual story in which "Suicide" is a motif. Katago who is Half demon half-human boy can not stand neither on the demon's side nor on the person's side, so he lost his place and to commit suicide at the end. Suicide by foreigners excludes foreign objects such as demons, and villagers can keep homogeneity. It seemed like this story has a structure resembling a certain sick narrative which has emerged in our society with an increased sense of stagnation.

I recruited collaborators and made workshops that tries to remake this old story with them more than ten times. One time we made a story that Katago can survive,one time we affirmed his suicide, and we talked about this story variously.






The Story of Family / 家族の物語



The Story of Villager / 村人の物語



Katago / 片子



Solo Exhibition


​27,10,2017 - 19,11,2017

at AWOBASO,Tokyo

Katago:The Story of Life / 




The Story of saving Katago / 





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