hiroshi yoshida

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About this work

This is the work under the theme of "to imagine". I attempted to create the piece focusing purely on the motion of "to imagine" itself in the motif of the world of my inner self. 'What is it on earth "to imagine" ?', I questioned. With due respect to the word which enormously covers the broad areas, I initially interpreted as this is to create "a story" in "the environment where I am subjectively exposed to".

I was born and raised in Kyoto. I moved to Ishikawa Prefecture due to the entrance to university. After graduated, I moved to Toride, in Ibaraki Prefecture. Then as the quake hit, I found myself going back home to Kyoto in April 2012 and I stayed there for 3 years until February 2015. Almost every piece has been created during those 3 years.

Surronded by mountains underneath the narrow sky, the nature is petit but wealthy. And a house with a tiny garden. This is the place I spent most of my boyhood time at the most sensitive age. This is the place that gave me the greatest impact to the origin of my imagination. As I put myself into the environment again, I fell into some sort of regression. That led me to deeply dive into my old memories and unconcious mind, and it was the process to weave a story to reach to the new creativity by tracing my roots again. This is the place I came up with this creation to express what I "imagined".

One of the roles what "to imagine" fulfills is to exert the value by piecing things and events across space and time, no matter what happened in the past nor what will happen in the future, and to renew the cognitive space where I am standing at. I believe that is one of the most fundamental and creative forces what the story's imagination possesses.

Be that as it may appear to hang my hat on the power of conventional image which can be interpreted in various ways, this is nothing more than a particular story. Furthermore this is a sheer story of my indivisual. And this is not a kind which can be reached to the completion, there is no beginning or ending. This is a deed as if you are swimming in the wide ocean far from anywhere and come out to breathe once after sinking deeply a little while again and again.

However, whilst speculating the oncoming great social changes, I anticipate that many people will have to deal with problems on their own just as I have faced, or so will the entire society. On top of that, it may not be just once or twice. That is one of the most significant functions of imaginative faculty and it can be the preparation to overcome the changes by creativity.

As a consequence of personal content, if you find some sort of universality in the story and have empathy even a faint one, I feel grateful.

artist: hiroshi yoshida
developer: yoichi kobayashi